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Our aftercare provider Edenhills, has a range of aftercare options for your pet

Bookings Available:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm

After Hours (after 6pm) and Sunday appointments available on request.

Phone Contact Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm

Saturday: 9am - 5pm

After a peaceful in-home euthanasia with one of our empathetic mobile vets, there are many options on what to do next. Your Cosy Paws vet can collect your pet or organise transport and facilitate all aftercare provided by Edenhills
If you you like us to organise the aftercare thought Edenhills, the team at Cosy Paws Vet Care will manage the end to end process from collection to the return of your pets ashes to your home.
Some of the services provided by Edenhills include:
Final Goodbye Viewing Service
To help the grieving process you may decide on having a final viewing of your loved pet. As part of their premium service, Edenhills can provide a private Comfort Room, allowing you and your family the opportunity to see your pet at peace and farewell your beloved companion. 
Private Cremation 
Private cremation guarantees the individual cremation of your pet with ashes returned to you. We collaborate with Edenhills, a Melbourne based pet crematorium who not only provide cremation services, but they also offer a wealth of aftercare items and memorabilia to honour your pet’s memory for years to come.  

There are countless ways of celebrating your pet and remembering them through aftercare options including ceramic or metal urns, scatter tins and unique ink paw prints to create everlasting memories. Private cremation options give you the ability to personalise your pet’s urns with unique engraving, ink paw prints and more.  
Communal Cremation 
A shared cremation involves a cremation with other pets. Following this the ashes are then scattered in the gardens located at the crematorium to honour your beloved pet. 
Urns & Memorabilia
Additional aftercare options including personalized memorabilia, urns, ink paw prints and fur clippings can be added additionally. Costs available upon request, click the link to view Edenhills options.
Alternative aftercare - Home burial
Home burial options are often chosen by homeowners with a garden on their property. It’s important to clarify with your local council before considering home burial as regulations and laws may differ in each area.  Our mobile vets can provide biodegradable bags for your pets following a euthanasia that are a great eco-friendly option to utilise for your pet’s home burial.  
Flexible payment options
You can pay for your home visit vet consultation through a range of different methods;
  • Credit card
  • direct debit
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