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Cosy Paws Vet care services

Affordable in-home vet care
Our Vets pride themselves on providing gold standard Veterinary care.
We will go to any length for the health and safety of your pets in the comfort of your home.
General health & wellness check
Palliative care
In-home euthanasia
Cytopoint injections   (allergy injections)
Diabetes management   (inc freestyle Libre application & monitoring)
Arthritis injections
Nail trimming
Anal Glands expression
Post operative checks and sutures removal
Worming & Flea treatments
Heart worm injections
Ear examination
Pathology (inc blood & urine tests)
Senior health checks
Compounded medication
Dental health review
Vet Clinic referrals for surgeries and further diagnosis
*We offer much more! Please contact us to discuss your pet's needs.*
child with stethoscope playing as the mobile vet near me
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