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Vet Lump Checks

Enjoy more cuddles less struggles
with our convenient mobile vets.

Bookings Available:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm

After Hours (after 6pm) and Sunday appointments available on request.

Phone Contact Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm

Saturday: 9am - 5pm

During a health & wellness consultation, our mobile vet will carry out a full physical exam for your pet, checking your pet from nose to tail, this includes investigating any suspicious lumps and bumps.
Most lumps and bumps are benign (non-cancerous), however some of them can be malignant (cancerous). The older your animal the higher risk of finding a cancerous lump. We recommend 6 monthly health checks including lumps and bumps as early detection of cancerous lumps will increase the chances of a cure.
There are numerous diagnostic tools to check can be used in the comfort of your own home which include:
HT Vista - non evasive lump diagnostic tool*
For non evasive accurate and fast cancer screening with results commonly provided during your consultation.
The HT Vista is your #1 solution
HT Vista enables a non-invasive, real-time screening of your pets lumps and bumps. It delivers actionable and accurate results within minutes even during your mobile vets home visit. HT Vista is designed to meet the growing demand for in home services and advanced diagnostics. This unique platform is built to complement existing cytology and histopathology services to improve the standard of care.
HT Vista delivers a new level of confidence in cancer detection. A simple 1-10 scoring system enables critical, real-time communication within five minutes. With a negative predictive value of 98%, HT Vista is the ideal screening tool. This means when a mass is declared as benign (non-cancerous), there is a high likelihood (98%) that the mass is truly benign and not a false negative result.
*The HT Vista is not carried by all of our mobile vets. If your interested in this diagnostic tool,
please call us on 1300 308 38
Fine needle aspiration (FNA)
Fine needle aspiration is another optional diagnostic technique used in by our mobile vets to obtain samples of cells from your pets body for examination. The procedure involves inserting a thin needle into the area of interest, such as a lump or mass, and using suction to withdraw cells. The cells are then examined by our vets inhouse with a microscope, to determine if they are cancerous or benign. Fine needle aspiration is a relatively non-invasive procedure with minimal risk to the dog and is often used to diagnose or rule out cancer. It can also be used to diagnose other conditions such as infection or inflammation.
If your pet is reactive to pain you should request the HT Vista during your booking to ensure we provide you with a vet who can use this pain free non-invasive lump diagnostic.
Impression smear
Impression smears are an alternative relatively non-invasive veterinary diagnostic technique used to examine cells and microorganisms present in various tissues and fluids of animals. This procedure involves pressing a slide against the surface of a tissue or fluid sample to transfer the cells and microorganisms onto the slide.
The slide is then stained with various dyes, to help identify different cell types and microorganisms under a microscope. The technique is commonly used to diagnose skin diseases, ear infections, and respiratory infections, among other conditions.
Impression smears are a quick and relatively non-invasive way to obtain diagnostic information, and the procedure can often be performed in the clinic or field. The results can help veterinarians make a more accurate diagnosis, determine the appropriate treatment, and monitor the progress of the animal's recovery.
Biopsy and lab test (Incisional)
A biopsy can be considered as invasive. It is a veterinary diagnostic test that involves the removal and examination of a small sample of tissue from an animal's body. It is commonly used to determine whether a growth or abnormality is cancerous or benign, to identify the cause of an infection or inflammation, or to diagnose certain types of diseases.
This involves the mobile vet surgically removing a small piece of tissue from a larger mass or organ. After the biopsy is taken, the tissue sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis by a veterinary pathologist. The pathologist examines the tissue under a microscope to determine the presence and type of any abnormal cells, and provides a diagnosis to the veterinarian.
As the samples are sent externally it can take a few days before the results are available. Once available a mobile vet will contact you to discuss the results and what to do next.
Flexible payment options
You can pay for your home visit vet consultation through a range of different methods;
  • Credit card
  • direct debit
Referrals and providing histories where needed
In cases where your pet needs further investigation through scans such as X-rays or surgery, our mobile vet can refer your pet onto one of our partner clinics . We will provide a seamless transition and do all the paperwork for you to ensure the correct history is provided to the referring clinic under your direction. 
HT Vista mobile vet lump diagnostic
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